China’s ally Pakistan secretly developing trade ties with Taiwan

Pakistan, a close ally of China, is secretly developing trade ties with Taiwan, which showcases its duplicity.
In a recent meeting, Sidrah Haque, trade and investment attache at the Embassy of Pakistan in Cairo met with Michael Yeh, the director of Taiwan Trade Centre in Cairo to discuss the trade ties.
She tweeted about the meeting along with a picture with Michael Yeh, but later deleted it fearing condemnation by Beijing.
“Met Mr. Michael Yeh, a veteran commercial officer from Taiwan Trade Center. We spoke of Pakistan-Taiwan trade ties, our shared commercial experience in Cairo and major products of interest in the local market. Always feels good to connect with other trade wings and compare notes!” Sidrah Haque said in her tweet.
China has no control over Taiwan but claims it as part of its territory under its “One China Principle”.

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